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Being in a variety of body shops on a daily basis it is easy to learn a few tips from the talented tradespeople that we see. So the tech team at White and Peters thought it was time to start sharing some of these ideas and procedures in the form of a Tech Tips blog. We will periodically post some common and maybe some not so common issues that our industry experiences today, as well provide some solutions. Hopefully this will help all of us become more productive!

Tri- Coats , The Finicky Finish

Many have complained about being able to see one of the two blends in this application. We will cover the ground coat first. The white ground coat tends to be "fat " on the blend edge, meaning that the white droplets on the edge of your application area cover the pre-existing pearl coat in some spots. This becomes hard to cover in the mid-coat, if not impossible. The trick is to "Double Blend” the ground coat. Mix the ground coat with a wet bed, (orientation coat, or HB 055 / M5 for BASF) about 50/50 or so, and then push the blend out just a little further. This will reduce the droplet size of the white. Turning up the air pressure or turning in the fluid needle on the gun can also help.

Mid - Coat. Any Colour Pearl.
Another problem with this application is that there can end up being a “Pearl Halo” around the blend area. This is caused by taking the Pearl coat too far over the ground coat. If you count the Pearl coats, usually 3, please check your colour first, you will have 3 on top of your ground, 3 from the factory and 6 on the area between your ground coat and where you blend the pearl out. Try to keep your first and or second pearl coats close to the ground coat, and then blend the Pearl over. This will minimize the amount of pearl over-lap.

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Very worthwhile and usable tips.

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