GFS Industrial Equipment

Truck and Large Equipment Finishing

Ultra XL

Downdraft-Premium Booths  The Ultra XL series of the refinish truck and large equipment spray booths are constructed of pre-painted white inside and out, dual skin insulated panels, PVC protected (a temporary plastic sheeting designed to protect panels while booth is being erected) panels. Explosion relief provided.

  • Downdraft airflow
  • Precise temperature
  • Airflow management
  • Contamination control
  • Multi-filtered air
  • High production environment
  • Recirculating cure or forced air cure available
  • Pre-coated booth finish
  • 30% more illumination
  • High quality finishes
  • T-8 color corrected tubes
Booth Options:
  • Paint booth configurations: Drive-through or solid back, split cabin, or a combination of these
  • Custom engineered for special applications
  • Indoor or outdoor spray booth types
Standard (Modifications available)
  • Heights: 12', 14'- 8", 16'- 8", 18'- 8", and 20'- 8"
  • Depths:  24' to 84' in 3' increments, 9' or 12' long structural modules
  • Widths:  14', 16', 18' and 20'
Ultra XL Booth
Flexible Modular Design
  • Multiple width and length combinations allow for expansions from 24' to unlimited lengths
  • White pre-coated galvanized G-90 steel panels
  • Structural components ranging from 11 to 14 gauge steel
  • Insulated construction reduces noise and ambient heat outside the booth, self sealing airtight panels
  • No weld design eliminates rust prone areas
  • Precise tolerance engineering
  • Wall-mounted, 6-tube ETL listed Class 1, Division 2 fluorescent light fixtures with color-corrected T-8 tubes
  • Equipment installation by certified technician
  • Paint booth configurations: Drive-through or solid back, split cabin, or a combination of these
  • Custom engineered for special applications
  • Indoor or outdoor spray booth types

Air Balancing System
Air Balancing System

A key to achieving a clean paint job is properly pressuring a paint booth. An Auto Balance System, which will properly pressurize a booth, is designed to automatically keep the booth balanced during operation.

This system consists of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that controls the exhaust fan motor, differential pressure gauge and sensing probes. The system monitors the interior booth pressure and will adjust the exhaust fan RPM's to what is needed for the volume of exhaust air, based on the incoming intake air velocity. The result is a booth that is balanced automatically and will stay in balance as the filters load up with paint overspray. This system will increase useful filter life, provide a constant airflow through the booth and automatically control booth pressure.

Control Panel
Control Panel

All GFS Truck and Large Equipment control panels are produced in-house in GFS' own state-of-the-art electrical facility. GFS does not rely on purchasing off-the-shelf control panels modified to fit an application, rather GFS designs and builds each panel to fit needs required for each individual application.

Standard Control Panels

Operate the fan, motor and lights. The panel enclosure includes panel mounted disconnect, magnetic motor stater with overloads, fuse branch circuits, panel mounted controls, and lighting transformer based on panel.

Deluxe Control Panels

These control panels are designed for applications such as booths with air makeup units, multiple booth operations or booths with automatic air balancing systems. Each control panel is designed for a single point wiring connection. All control wires are numbered for easy wire identification. All components are labeled to match electrical schematic. Includes terminal strip for field wiring.

  • Roll Up Doors (Optional)
    Roll Up Doors

    Option to replace bi-fold product doors, entry and exit doors, and in split cabin location. Manufactured per GFS' specifications. Delivered direct to job site, to be installed, adjusted, and serviced by trained factory personnel.

  • Split Cabin (Optional)
    Split Cabin

    40% of all GFS Truck booths are sold with a split cabin option. This enables the main cabin of the paint booth to be divided, via a bi-fold door or roll-up door, into two separate spray environments, allowing components from different trucks to be sprayed simultaneously.

Open Face and Fast-Pack Booths

Open Face and Fast-Pack Booths

Standard Open Face Industrial Spray Booths by GFS features a modular panel design. This approach offers the economy of a standardized line of spray booths while making available virtually unlimited sizes and configurations to fit a broad range of finishing processes. Standard models can be shipped to North American customner within 7 business days of order receipt. Modification and/or options require additional lead times.

Fast-Pack "Express" Industrial Spray Booths are available in 15 different standard sizes and configurations. Can be shipped to North American customers within 3 business days of order receipt. Modifications and/or options require additional lead times. Features:

Exhaust Chamber
Air is filtered through an exhaust chamber as it exits the booth. Exhaust stacks are required to ventilate the booth to the outside.

Heavy-duty Panels
GFS Open Face Booths are constructed with single-skin, 18-gauge, G-90 galvanized steel.

Solid Construction
Pre-punched booth panels and nut-and-bolt assembly takes the guesswork out of installing a paint booth, and provides more structural integrity.

Fans & Motors
High-powered fans and motors are required to create adequate airflow within a paint booth. Each GFS booth includes a non-sparking, tube axial exhaust fan(s) with belt guards and duct connector ring, and a 3-phase, TEFC, tri-voltage motor(s) with variable pitch pulley.

Superior Lighting
The majority of GFS' open face booths feature integrated 4-tube, inside-access fluorescent light fixtures. GFS light fixtures are ETL listed (Class 1 Division 2) and come complete with T-8 color-corrected tubes.