Refinish Department Equipment

Refinish Department Equipment

We not only sell the latest in refinish department equipment, we partner with you to ensure that your investment is maintained and serviced. Our expert equipment sales and service technicians will recommend the right equipment to suit your needs. Increase Production! Increase Profit!

  • Wedge Clamp Equipment

    NitroHeat heated nitrogen systems specifically focused towards the spray painting industry

  • Sata Equipment

    Premium Spray Guns and Spray Accessories

  • Global Finishing Solutions Equipment

    High Quality Refinish Paint Booths and Booth Accessories

  • Devilbiss Equipment

    Quality Performing Spray Guns and Accessories

  • Anest Iwata Equipment

    Complete Line of Premium Quality Refinish Spray Guns

  • Prevost Equipment

    Highest Quality Safe Couplers, Fittings, and Custom Airlines

  • Drester Equipment

    Economy with simplicity and affordability backed by a user-friendly system

  • Spectratek Solutions Equipment

    Infrared Lighting for Fast Efficient Dry Times

  • 3M Refinish Equipment

    Innovative spray paint solutions for automotive paint professionals.

  • DV-Systems Equipment

    Leading Designer and Manufacturer of High-Performance, Energy-Efficient Air Technology Solutions

  • IRT Equipment

    Shortwave Infared Drying Lamps and Accessories

  • MartixWand Equipment

    The world's most advanced vechicle measurement device