Matrix Wand

Matrix Wand Refinish Equipment

Full 3D Structural Repair System!

Matrix Active Map 3D Technology software allows Matrix Wand to fully integrate into the repair process. Already the industry leader in blueprinting and diagnostic measuring, Matrix Wand has now completely made the leap into the repair side of the business. Matrix Active Map 3D Technology which uses a data base of 18,000 vehicles with user selectable 3D data points. This technology works in tandem with Matrix Wand’s existing ability to select infinite 3D data points on the fly. For example, a technician repairing or replacing a structural component such as an apron or a rail is able to sample multiple locations to ensure proper location of the part with confidence and accuracy.

Matrix Wand: Repair Planning - Making "Lean" Process Possible

  • "Lean" process starts with a complete and accurate estimate. With the Matrix Wand's Repair Planning feature, three-dimensional XYZ damage measurements lock in the correct structural repair times in the estimate, up front. The resulting Structural Repair Blue Print allows the technician to establish a Repair Plan, Increasing Efficiency, Eliminating structural supplements, and Improving Cycle Times.

    In less than 15 minutes You can:
    • Create an XYZ damage document
    • Uncover hidden damage
    • Lock in the structural damage and create a structural repair blueprint
    The Results:
    • Objective proof of actual damage
    • Stereoscopic imaging exposes hidden damage for all to see
    • Reduce supplements, better cycle times, more efficient repairs
  • Matrix Wand Overhead

Creating the XYZ Damage Report is Quick and Easy

    • The wand is hand held and portable, you can measure anywhere, anytime
    • Hidden damage and severity of damage is revealed in full XYZ dimensions
    • Lean process is now possible with the portable, fast, accurate Matrix Wand
    Features and Benefits
    • Portable; Get 3D data in minutes
    • Choose and measure any point
    • Pre-damage estimate report in minutes
    • Proves hidden and severity of damage in minutes
    • Zero structural supplements
    • Parts order for suspension in minutes
    • Suspensions align the first time
    • Provide 3D data validation to insurance companies
    • Post repair report: Verify quality repair
    • Improved cycle times
    • Increased Profitability
    • Rapid return on investment
  • Matrix Wand Report

  • Matrix Wand Setup