Low VOC Solventborne

Onyx HD™ Low VOC Solventborne

Basecoat Systems

Onyx HD Low VOC delivers the quality finish your customers demand. This one-of-a-kind system lets you complete a typical repair as fast as most conventional solventborne basecoat systems, when properly used.

Bottom line: The Onyx HD Low VOC Productive System meets all current and future regulations with no special equipment required. You'll see the results in the better throughput in your shop – and in the faces of your satisfied customers.

Cycle Times
  • Application Time
  • Flash-off Time
  • Two Tone and Tri-coat

An average competitor's low VOC basecoat alternatives processing times are longer than Onyx HD's Low VOC Productive System  per job. 

Performance is the priority

Onyx HD Low VOC Productive System was developed and formulated in the industry-leading laboratories of BASF.

Fully aligned with the BASF COLOR-MAX© system, Onyx HD Low VOC can be matched to both solventborne and waterborne OEM coatings. Its uniform finish provides perfect metal control giving you the confidence to work with any color, from Blue Velvet to Midas Gold.

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Seven facts every shop must know about Onyx HD™ Low VOC Solventborne

1. You don't need new equipment to spray Onyx HD

If your shop is already equipped with an HVLP spray gun, you're ready to spray Onyx HD Low VOC Productive System.

2. Our Low VOC Solventborne performs better

Now you don't have to choose between high quality and environmental responsibility. Onyx HD Low VOC works with exempt solvents to deliver fewer coats and faster dry times. The end result is more cars out the door and higher profits.

3. It stores better, lasts longer

Unlike some competitive systems, Onyx HD bases are solventborne concentrates. This reduces can size, increases shelf life and eliminates concerns about freezing.

4. Onyx HD Low VOC is aligned with the BASF COLOR-MAX® System

COLOR-MAX - one of the fastest and most accurate color tools in the industry - is at the heart of the Onyx HD system. You'll find OEM color that passes the "stick text" for an ideal match every time.

5. You'll see high throughput

Typically, Onyx HD requires only two coats (flash to matte) and then a mist coat for effect pigment orientation. Fast taping and de-nibbing, quick drying and a perfect color match save time, energy and material costs.

6. There is no significant difference in drying time

Because of BASF's advanced technology, Onyx HD Low VOC Productive System drying times can be fast under different environmentsl conditions.

7. Onyx HD Low VOC really is better for the environment

Onyx HD Low VOC Productive System is a solventborne basecoat that meets the most stringent North American low-VOC regulations, making it the smart choice for your environment.

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