Advanced Process

Advance Process Solutions

Advanced Process Solutions™ (APS), BASF's cutting-edge management program, is designed to catapult your shop to the top of every DRP list - and become the vehicle owner's repair facility of choice! With APS, you create a competitive advantage through advanced performance.

Built on Lean principles, APS is a customizable repair process proven to reduce supplements and increase touch times while reducing cycle times.

As a valued BASF customer, you can put the power of Advanced Process Solutions to work for you.


The APS Program offers training that is geared specifically to your shop. Employees have the benefit of working with trainers who know what it takes to be winners. Ask about the specialized training offered with APS.

Getting Started

Not every shop is ready for the Advanced Process Solutions program. Talk to a representative about getting started. What are the requirements?

Advanced Process Solutions™ (APS) is designed to teach a business how to use Lean fundamentals, with support from BASF in the form of coaching, to change the culture of their business. 

If your business is open to change and looking for better ways to do things, APS can help to improve current processes. With strong leadership and support, your shop can create an atmosphere of continuous incremental improvement with a focus on eliminating waste to reduce cycle time and delivering cars more quickly.

Vision Plus"VisionPLUS® is a key part of the APS program, allowing you to track, analyze and improve your business without waiting for end-of-month reports."

A culture of positive change

APS is about much more than just writing an accurate estimate. APS is about fostering a culture of positive change throughout every area of your operation. Along with our program and team of experts, we offer a simple and consistent approach for increased efficiency in all body shop procedures. These fully-integrated strategies lead to increased sales and profits. In order to realize long-term, sustainable growth, performance must be tracked to guide continuous improvement.

APS provides a clear path to improving performance based on each shop's actual needs and desires. Utilizing VisionPLUS OnLine, your business is evaluated (BASF-directed Implementation Package option) by measuring current process efficiency and profitability. Using this baseline knowledge as a launching pad, performance, sales, and profit expectations are defined, and actionable steps for improvement are developed.

APS Cando

APS Express Repair

Having an express repair line in your facility can add more revenue and lower your cycle time. Built on Lean fundamentals, the APS Express Repair is a customizable repair process that creates the right environment for a continuous workflow, effectively eliminating many of the issues that typically lead to interruptions and inefficiency.

Implementation Packages

There are two implementation package options. Whichever you choose, support is available for you and your employees every step of the way. 

BASF offers two Advanced Process Solutions™ (APS) implementation packages designed to meet your needs - regardless of the size of your shop, desired timeline, or familiarity with Lean concepts:

1) BASF-Directed Program
This hands-on program involves an on-site team of BASF experts who have been trained to guide you and your staff through each step of the implementation process. Our front-line team will engage your staff in a one-week 'workflow assault,' resulting in a complete procedural overhaul that will improve every department.

This option may not be for everyone, and a significant amount of preparation work is required before the implementation team can be dispatched to your facility.

2) Self-Directed APS Program
Our Self-Directed may be the best fit for your business if you decide you may not be ready for rapid-fire implementation and just prefer to manage the program internally. The Self-Directed APS Program is similar to the BASF-directed option in that the BASF team of experts will help guide you through the process. But as the name suggests, on-site implementation and development timelines will be your responsibility.

APS Packages