Product training is essential to keep pace with rapid technological change, evolving industry standards, and frequent new product introductions. White & Peters works closely with our suppliers to offer product training that delivers exceptional value for your business.

The Benefits of Training:

Training for technicians helps collision repair shops improve customer satisfaction, improve work quality, reduce redos and cycle time, increase output, and improve profitability. In addition, employees appreciate working for a company that invests in training, as it improves their confidence and ability on the job.

Paint Specific Training:

Paint Specific Training

White & Peters, with our partners BASF, offers hands-on technical training courses to help you get the maximum benefit from our refinish products. Painters learn by hands on application, so they see first hand how the paint system performs, whether it's in your shop or in a training facility. With our training courses, your painters will improve their productivity with the problem-solving and application skills they learn from our industry professionals.

Non - Paint Related Training:

In addition to paint training, White and Peters offers a wide variety of non-paint related training. Some of the programs we offer include:

  • Auto detailing training - Hands on training for professional auto detailing
  • Paint Protection Film - Complete Protective Film installation training
  • FUSOR panel bonding - OEM Approved adhesive and seam sealer application training
  • Specialized equipment training - We provide comprehensive service and training for all equipment sales
  • Introduction to paint preparation - Courses designed to teach basic prepping procedures